• Jason Yee

Why The Best Mechanics Win

The best mechanics win.

The tiny Spartak Tennis Club in Moscow has produced more top-20 women in recent years than the entire United States.

Their secret?


Talent Code author Daniel Coyle reports, "As a Spartak coach told me, “Technique is everything. If you begin playing without technique, it is big mistake. Big, big mistake!”"

Yet everyday hockey players skate with technique that doesn't work for them.

The problem for hockey players is that hockey mechanics are not well understood.

Common coaching advice is inconsistent with what the best NHLers do in a game.

And players get stuck in a trap where they get coached on the wrong advice - and then their performance suffers. This costs players opportunities every single day.

Luckily, today we have more video than ever. We have access to and can study the movement of top NHLers in a game in detail. We can break down their movement and analyze it.

Then we can film each player with our smartphones/tablets. And easily compare the movement.

Every other sport uses video analysis and comparisons. And there is a reason why.

Until now, the technique, mechanics, and precision required in hockey has not been respected. Players, coaches, and parents think that hard work is all that's needed.

That's like saying, "If you work harder in golf, you'll get better results."

Ignoring the technique, mechanics, and precision in golf would be insane.

But that's how we treat hockey.

Until now.

If you would like to transform your mechanics from the old "Drone" coach technique that costs players opportunity, to the new science of Downhill Skating, I am doing a presentation that will teach you exactly that. You can register for it here.


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