• Jason Yee

What I've been working on - June 2022

As many of you know, Train 2.0 is in the business of reverse engineering NHL Mechanics to make them teachable and easy to understand. We've been working a few new projects that I'll list here:

  1. We have been building out the Train 2.0 team. Rather than running Train 2.0 as a solopreneur myself, we've been adding to the team. Nowadays, our Instagram, YouTube, and video clipping is all done by an amazing team: Shawn O'Donnell, Frank Gervino, Mason Hackel, Aaron Seltzer have been key components of these operations. We're also adding new coaches and business management - some of whom we'll be announcing in the coming weeks.

  2. We have been blessed with an amazing community that we want to keep encouraging. Our entire 2.0+ Membership Group contributes to coaching in our Facebook Group. And we've even got members creating their own social media to document their journey - like Downhill Skater.

  3. We are continuing to build out Downhill Skating System 4. Each week we publish a new video lesson reverse-engineering the skating mechanics of elite NHLers and share that with our group. We compound that with a coaching call every Thursday to go deeper into the lesson content and answer member questions.

As more and more footage of elite NHL skaters is created, we intend to continue making systems, lessons, and drills to make it easier for you to reverse engineer NHL skating mechanics so that you can grow your enjoyment of the game!

For those that don't know, I also run another business called GrantMe. I took my passion for coaching and technology and translated that into helping students get into their top-choice schools and graduating debt-free. GrantMe ended up growing at a rampant pace - so it takes up most of my time. And while this takes up most of my time, my goal is to continue building the Train 2.0 team to continue delivering on our vision.

Thanks for keeping up to date.


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