• Jason Yee

Can You Improve With Online Hockey Training?

Today I make the case that online hockey training is the best kept secret in hockey development.


The first thought most players, parents, coaches have when it comes to improve their hockey is to get on the ice.

And this is why online hockey training can be a hidden advantage for some players.

Think of your town. Do you have access to the best skating coach in the world in your town? Are they 25 minutes down the road?

You probably have someone who does power skating. But if you were to truly rank them in the world, where would they be? Like 400th?

I'm not knocking your power skating coach. My point is that there is a number one coach. A coach who will make such a big difference for you that it will knock your socks off. And chances are, they're not in your town.

With the internet, you could possibly access the best coach in the world over email, through video, and through programs.

Would you rather spend 10 hours with the 400th best skating coach in the world? Would that make a difference? Or would you rather spend 10 hours learning from the best coach?

online hockey training with shawn
Online hockey training with Shawn

You can still access the ice with the 400th guy, or on your own. But now, you can also access the VERY best coach in the world. And you can do it as quickly as pulling your phone out of your pocket. This is the possibility of the internet and of online hockey training.

There are players, parents, and coaches who are adamant that they just do on-ice development and that's it. And that's totally cool. There's just a cost.

And there are players, parents, and coaches who are leveraging the power of the internet. And that has a different set of results.

Obviously, I'm biased because I literally do online hockey training. I'm not shy about it. In fact, I consider our online hockey training to be the best and most complete training in the world. The results we've gotten with players who are halfway across the world are awesome. And I'd like you to consider the cost of staying on the sidelines.

If you'd like to get a feel for online hockey training, you can check out this Free Training Area I put together for you.

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