• Jason Yee

Jason's Crazy Workouts Vol.1

Today we discuss one of the dumbest things that I've done in the pursuit of hockey greatness.

Most people probably think it's funny that I pretend to walk around and act normal when there's definitely something wrong with me.

Case in point: My Electrically Assisted Squat Workout.

Reasoning: I read somewhere that EMS (Electrical Muscular Stimulation) was used by Russian athletes to great effect.

If comes down to fatigue. You have brain fatigue and muscle fatigue.

The idea is that brain fatigue from doing maximum squats takes 5-7 days to recover from. But your muscles can recover within 48-72 hours.

So if you trained hard in the AM doing maximal squats, you could do a PM workout with just electrodes attached to your muscles. The EMS workout would burn your muscles really bad, and you'd get double the workout without double the brain fatigue - which takes longer to recover from.

I took this step further.

I attached the electrodes to my ass. And then put them on a wave cycle. So every 10s there would be a 2s maximal shock. The maximal shock would fully contract my glutes.

So I sat down on a box with 400lbs on my back. Waited for the electrodes to ramp up. And then squatted with the assisted electrical current firing my glutes.

By the way, to get this EMS unit, I had to backdoor weasel my chiropractor to write me a prescription for this otherwise the medical supply store wouldn't sell it to me.

Anyway, this was all incredibly stupid. For the following reasons:

1) I'm not sure that this really didn't anything for my strength. Maybe it did. But who knows.

2) The amount of effort and time to pull this off could have easily been spent on a more valuable area of my development

3) I probably could have achieved whatever questionable results, with literally 10-20% as much effort and time.

4) I already squatted 5 plates at the time. So I didn't need to squat more to be better at hockey. I needed to improve my mechanics.

That said, I was #1 in the squat test of my team that year at UBC. But who gives a shit. I wasn't #1 in scoring. Nor did I achieve my goal of making the NHL.

My actions and goal were misaligned. But I didn't learn that until it was too late.

Now I'm committed to making sure that others who are as serious as me don't make the same mistakes.


P.S. The 2.0 Membership is open right now for those that are serious. It won't be open long because it's getting too popular.

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