• Jason Yee

How To Create A Revolution In Your Hockey Performance

Hockey programs are awful. If you've ever followed one to a tee, you've been a victim too.

Evolution is the most powerful force. The best systems are evolutionary, not revolutionary.

Think of your friend. The Heroic Revolutionary.

This friend always has a big challenge to overcome. A new diet they're on. A big push to get this project complete.

They want to complete these tasks with heroic effort. A true revolution that will change everything.

Except that's not how revolutions work.

Revolutions follow a pattern, from build up to breakthrough.

The build up comes from constant tinkering. Repetitions. Iteration. Bricolage.

1% improvements everyday.

1% improvements compound. And eventually this adds up. The build up accelerates and then there is an "overnight success" when a player reaches the tipping point.

The build up comes from repetitions. But from a specific type of repetition. Each repetition must build upon the other. Either ruling out a pathway to failure. Or refining a movement.

Here are three ways to have each repetition build upon the other:

1. Optionality - Practice skills that give you options. Skating Transition Skills will give you the most options the fastest. Each Transition Skill you add to your skill stack doubles your odds of success.

2. Via Negativa - The removal of errors is more powerful than the additions of positives. Look to reduce large errors of movement or decisions before adding new things.

3. Beware Marginal Costs - You have a small window of mental and physical energy each day. Don't burn it while overdoing it in the gym. Spend your most focussed hours on the most important things.

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