• Jason Yee

How To Become The Next Belfry - Much Faster

Have you ever heard the story of Darryl Belfry?

How some guy from Ontario went from a below average goalie (self-admitted) to teacher of NHL Superstars.

The secret is that there is no secret.

He studied NHL video. That's his secret.

Sounds too simplistic at this point, doesn't it?

He tells the story of recording hockey games from the tv. But this wasn't an easy task 10-20 years ago.

You needed a special dual recorder VCR. (Know what that is kids?) And playing back a game in slow motion was tricky and hard on your equipment.

But that's what he did. And while all the other coaches were beating the same old drums, and singing the same old songs, Belfry comes along and says, here is what NHLers are actually doing.

This is critical.

Standard coaching advice is different from what NHLers do in games.

So when a player gets standard coaching, one of three things happens:

1. The player receives standard coaching, but is naturally athletic, and ignores everything the standard coach says, and then goes on to succeed

2. The player receives standard coaching, is naturally athletic, but listens to everything the standard coach says, and then performs way below their potential

3. The player receives standard coaching, but is naturally unathletic, and just ends up mediocre anyway

What if we added a fourth situation?

One where the coach gives you information that actually helps? One where the advice matches what happens in NHL games?

That's what Belfry was able to learn. And it's because he ignored the noise and focused on the critical data: the video evidence.

But today, you can do this too. With way less effort.

Consider this morning. I woke up and studied the NHL Super Slow Mo video for a couple hours. To do that, I opened up my laptop, typed "YouTube", and just started watching. The footage is 720p at 60 frames per second. And then I click the little gear icon to slow down the already slowed down footage to 25% speed. Then I watch it frame by frame, pausing the moment I want to examine something in more detail.

There is no detail that I miss.

Back in 2002, would you probably require a $250,000 budget to get all of this to work. And even then it wouldn't be as convenient. Or good.

The effort for someone to do this today is so much lower than when Belfry started.

Today, there is nothing holding you back from being the next Belfry. We must thank him for blazing the trail. Now it's your turn.

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