We asked ourselves if a player could develop 10x faster - what would they be doing?

The answer is this...


Our Purpose

To unlock the joy from hockey.

It's quite simple. But we like it that way.


Our Vision

To illuminate the technical side of hockey to guide players from exploration to mastery.


Our Values

1. Inclusivity & Opportunity

We aim to welcome all players from all backgrounds. We believe in contributing to the advancement of hockey knowledge in a respectful, constructive, and collaborative way.

2. Experimentation, Evolution, Creativity

We encourage players to use "evidence-based" methods and to make sure that their coaching delivers tangible on-ice results.

3. Feedback

We believe in accelerating progress by improving the feedback that players receive.

4. Positivity & Encouragement

We don't believe in belittling or negative coaching. We believe the best results come when players are empowered, energized, and learning from positive coaching.

5. Being a Practitioner

We aim to learn alongside you so that we can understand your challenges and better adapt our coaching. We practice what we preach.